Neustreet is a media hub for everything collectors, from sneakers to trading cards. Their goal is to make it easier for everyone to find their favorite cultural assets along with data and research on markets for NFTs, sneakers and more. Our collaboration started when they wanted to refine their visual style, build new graphics based on their existing brand guidelines and apply these assets for a variety of use cases (for example, blog post/website header image, info graphics, podcast cover art). As we continued working together long-term, we realised an updated brand guideline document was needed, containing usage rules and accessibility rules as well as imagery guides across social media and web for consistency.

We first started with a few backgrounds they can use across their social media, templates for upcoming podcasts, info graphics for their website and logos for their newsletter. Looking at their primary logo and knowing the industry they are a part of, I immediately knew the direction their visual identity should take: a grunge look with brushes, textures and ink splatters to complement a bold typeface such as Montserrat.