Alimentous is a content and copywriting agency for coffee, food and food tech. Their goal is to create content experience that generate more leads and build organic traffic. We collaborated on the full identity package, from logo to social media templates and digital brochures. They wanted their look and feel to be modern, fresh and minimalistic, to make sure their industry shines through their visuals but primarily reminds people they are a copywriting agency. Starting with the logo, we went though a few options in which I tried to combine symbolism of food, coffee and pen in either geometric or more organic shapes. This stage included the typeface choice, a friendly and inviting design but still readable and professional.

Once the final version was accepted by the client, the process of choosing the right colour scheme and graphic style was the same, trying to keep in mind the industry that invites to earthy colours but adding accents that bring intensity and an element of surprise. The final short version of the guidelines and imagery are below