Hi, I'm Andreea Maris!

I am a graphics and motion graphics designer based in London, UK and Cluj-Napoca, Romania and this is my portfolio.

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Graphic Design

Neustreet Social Media
Social Media for Neustreet

Templates and Social Assets

Fresh Cup Magazine
FreshCup Magazine

Digital and Print Magazine

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Brand Design


Digital Brochure for Neustreet


Brand & Identity Design

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BFBS Academy Round Up
BFBS Academy 2023 Round Up

2D Animated Video Explainer

BFBS Negatives Documentary
Negatives, a BFBS Documentary Series

Motion Graphics

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Hulya Ayaz

Hulya Ayaz

English App Content Moderator at HubX

Andreea is a skilled designer with a meticulous approach to her work. We have collaborated with her on multiple occasions for our project, and she has consistently delivered work without any delays. Thank you, Andreea, for the dedication and effort you have invested!

Allie MacPhee

Allie MacPhee

Former Head of Brand Marketing and Operations at Neustreet

Working with Andreea-Cristina was fantastic! She re-envisioned our brand guidelines and created a standout illustration style for our assets. Andreea’s ability to handle ambiguity and work asynchronously really changed the game for our team and enabled us to build a strong visual identity and smoothly scale content distribution.


Hi there! I am Andreea, an everything-design enthusiast. I started my career by studying Games Design and Development in university. I didn't actually like playing video games, but I loved telling a story through visuals and movement and the amazing creative process going on behind building one. I started to focus more on 3D and motion graphics and my proudest uni moment was building the National History Museum of London in 3D Studio Max.

Working in a creative agency as a graphics and motion graphics designer for various clients made me then realise that all these graphics, videos, animations, games and interactive experiences I worked on do not really matter unless there is a really well established brand, an identity that people can remember and go back to. So I also took brand design freelance projects where I focused on consistency, making sure my clients' brand shies through.

Besides design, I am always here to talk about my French Bulldog Mura, a 26 pounds snoring and weird sounds making machine. She sits in my chair with me most of the day so she would be the best contact person for me, if you ever want to collaborate. Get in touch!


Adobe Illustrator 100%
Cinema 4D 70%
Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe InDesign 75%
Adobe After Effects 80%
Canva 90%
Figma 55%